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  • My Iron Butt Association Rides

      I’ve done 3 IBA (IronButt Association) rides. I post the trip reports here in case anyone is contemplating giving  one of them a try they might get a few hints – I also post them to do a little bragging! Lots of tips and information about the IBA here My SS1000 (Snow Sled 1000…

  • New Puppy – Rocky

    We recently lost our longtime companion and friend, Spartacus. Sparty was a Black Lab that we had to put to sleep after 12 years of pure joy. He was a companion for our kids and after they left home he was a friend and companion for us. *Click on the itty bitty pictures to see…

  • Dual Sport Video – funny

    Dual Sport Video – funny

    Tim, Norb, Dave and I went for a fun little dualsport ride to Bloomer Mountain. Bloomer is a CalFire lookout with a commanding view of the Northern Sacramento Valley. From there we followed EncinaGrande Road down to Oroville Lake. Oroville lake level is way down and we discovered the remains of an old town called…

  • New Camera

    We’ve been wanting to buy a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera since they were first introduced but the prices were WAY too high to even consider. We started looking around recently and discovered that like everything else electronic the prices have dropped to managable levels in the entry level DSLR’s. We curretly have a Canon…

  • Jay Leno’s Garage

    I have enjoyed Jay Leno’s humor for years – he has a way of making you laugh without being offensive. The other side of Leno is where I’ve been particularly interested and that’s his hobby of collectiing antique and interesting motorcycles and cars. While there are numerous Hollywood and sports stars that collect cars and…

  • Vintage Motorcycle Pictures

    Vintage Motorcycle Pictures

    Some great vintage photos from the collection of Jerry Hatfield, author of The Rollie Free Story.These photos will change each month, but the author has a photo collection numbering in the thousands so he should never run out and have to repeat. Click on the thumbnail to view the article. www.rolliefreebook.com/fun.htm

  • February 2009-Snow in Cohasset

    It started snowing on Valentine’s Day – when it was finished on the 17th we had about 3 feet of snow. It caused lots of problems for us but we will survive. The big casualty at our place was the shelter in which I sometimes park the motorcycles. It had my V-Strom and Stella’s Yamaha…

  • The Pace

    The Pace

    A really good article about riding a motorcycle in a quick fashion while being safe! First published in Motorcyclist Magazine in 1991 but is still relevant. The Pace

  • Tommy Lasorda’s Blog

    Tommy Lasorda’s Blog

    By the way, if you like the Dodgers ya godda love Tommy Lasorda’s Blog – Give it a try here.

  • Geocaching

    We occasionally do some Geocaching on our motorcycle rides. Here’s some pictures from my Picasa account of a Geocache that we found in the hills behind Paskenta.                   We had gone on an impromptu ride after Church and Stella was wearing her high-heel shoes. She climbed with the…

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