Jul 012012
New (to us) Goldwing gl1800

When we put away the motorcycle riding in about 1980 to raise our family we always planned to return after the kids were raised (AK – after kids). We had always assumed that we would return with a Goldwing. When the time came to purchase another bike and return to riding (in 1999) after looking […]

Feb 192009
February 2009-Snow in Cohasset

It started snowing on Valentine’s Day – when it was finished on the 17th we had about 3 feet of snow. It caused lots of problems for us but we will survive. The big casualty at our place was the shelter in which I sometimes park the motorcycles. It had my V-Strom and Stella’s Yamaha […]

May 222012
Total Eclipse

On May 20, 2012 Northern California was treated to a rare chance to see a total solar eclipse. We live in the forest, surrounded by tall trees, so we invited ourselves to our neighbor’s house. They live on the edge of Rock Creek Canyon and have a wonderful view to the West. *Click the itty bitty […]

Mar 182012
Timelapse Photography

I recently purchased an Agasio outdoor camera for the purpose of providing a weather cam for my weather station.  One of the side benefits of this camera is the ability to gather the uploaded jpg snapshots into a timelapse video. I am using Blue Iris 3 software to capture the snapshots and SebecTec software to combine the snapshots into […]

Mar 052011
Having fun with video editing

I’ve recently acquired several video clips on my computer that I wished to share with others via YouTube. I have a GoPro Hero HD video camera that comes in a nice waterproof enclosure and can be mounted on the motorcycle to capture on video some of our motorcycle rides. I also acquired an Olympus E-PL1 camera that […]

Jul 182010
Cohasset Wildlife

We live in Cohasset, CA which is situated in the foothills of the Sierras about 20 miles NE of Chico. We have lots of wildlife but since they are mostly nocturnal we don’t see them very often. We see the results of some – namely Bears which can become quite a nuisance. We also have […]

Jul 122010

Our son Ben sent me some pictures of his activities – he belongs to a minibike stunt team called the 5150’s , they do some amazing things on those little (slightly modified) Honda 50’s.

Jul 112010
Tommy Lasorda talks about Kirk Gibson

Even if you’re not a Dodger fan (ya must be crazy if you aren’t) ya hafta appreciate the famous 1988 World Series winning home run by Kirk Gibson. Here it is in Tommy Lasorda’s words, a must read for any baseball fan. Here’s a video of the big moment with commentary by players and managers […]

Jul 092010
Coast Motorcycle Ride-Spring 2010

At the end of April, Norb, Randy, Stella and I took a ride to the central coast of California. We left on Thursday, the 30th of April with a goal to make it to Pismo Beach on Friday to meet with Stella’s Cousin Richard and his girlfriend Nancy. After meeting with Richard and Nancy, we […]

Apr 102010
Death Valley Motorcycle Ride - April, 2009

  We planned a ride to Death Valley last year in April but a storm came up  so we changed our destination to Northern Nevada and Northeastern California. This year we planned a trip to Death Valley on the same weekend as last year and the weather cooperated. There were 5 of us planning to […]

Mar 312010
Rocky is Attacked!

Posted Thu, 11/12/2009 – 21:27 Our Daughter Becky was visiting from North Dakota and she brought her ferocious Dobernman (of the miniature variety), Swayze. Rocky didn’t know what to think of the killer beast and this little video was the result.