Steve’s Sikkle History

I started riding bikes when I was 13 years old. The first bike I ever rode was my Grandpa Ed’s Honda 90 Trail bike – What a thrill! Since then I have owned (or shared ownership) in the following bikes*

* Some of these pictures were gleaned from the internet as I don’t have pictures of some of the old bikes

When I met Stella, I was still riding dirt bikes and had begun to tour with the first 750 Honda. I still don’t know whether she fell for me or just liked to ride bikes. We dated for 6 months before we went out in a car! She loved to travel on the bike and we went on several trips with 2 other couples and sometimes just the 2 of us. We visited these states in the process;

Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada

In 1980 when our first child (Ben) was born, we decided that motorcycle touring just wasn’t for us (it’s kinda’ hard to get a child safety seat for a motorcycle) so we sold our street bike. We made a promise to ourselves that since we had done lot’s of touring BK (Before Kids) we would do it again AK (After Kids). Well, AK was almost here so we began to shop around for another touring bike.

In 1999 Stella bought us a Yamaha 700 which was a great bike but not exactly a touring bike but it gave us the “bike” bug again.

85 Yamaha Maxim
85 Yamaha 700 Maxim

In 1999 we bought a Sport Touring bike, a 94 Kawasaki Concours.
Nice! We started making trips on that bike until it got totaled by a lady in a SUV!

1994 Concours
1994 Concours “La Vaca Roja”

So we bought a brand new 2001 Connie  and took some more trips and thoroughly enjoyed that bike.

2001 Concours "Smurfie"
2001 Concours “Smurfie”

In 2003 we bought a Dual Sport Suzuki DR-Z400  for me to hit the trails. In 2005 we bought an 87 Yamaha TW200 for Stella.


In 2006 we opted for something lighter than the Concours with limited off road capabilities – a Suzuki V-Strom  and we have been enjoying it ever since..

2006 DL1000 (V-Strom)
2006 DL1000 (V-Strom)


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