Mar 182012

I recently purchased an Agasio outdoor camera for the purpose of providing a weather cam for my weather station.  One of the side benefits of this camera is the ability to gather the uploaded jpg snapshots into a timelapse video. I am using Blue Iris 3 software to capture the snapshots and SebecTec software to combine the snapshots into a timelapse video. It is set to make a timelapse every 6 hours of the last 6 hours and to make a timelapse of the last 24 hours every night at midnight. Some of them turn out to be pretty boring while others can be pretty interesting. Since these are updated hourly and daily, I have setup a page for saved timelapse videos.

Saved timelapse videos

6 Hour Timelapse

24 Hour Timelapse


Current Snapshot


  2 Responses to “Timelapse Photography”

  1. Cooooooooooooooool vids BUT won’t let me back up to ck out prev clip. I wanted to view some animals that appeared in the clip but couldn’t keep up w/ fast forward

  2. Each timelapse video replaces the last one – no animals caught yet by the weather cam but here are some animal pics

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