New Camera

We’ve been wanting to buy a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera since they were first introduced but the prices were WAY too high to even consider. We started looking around recently and discovered that like everything else electronic the prices have dropped to managable levels in the entry level DSLR’s. We curretly have a Canon Powershot SD1000,  which is a wonderful little camera that is small enough to fit in a pocket which makes it very convenient to carry on the Motorcycle and takes reasonably good snapshots.

We wanted a camera that would take higher quality pictures without absolutely breaking the checkbook since we have had good luck with our small , point and shoot, Canon  we opted for another Canon – a Canon EOS Rebel XSi which is a mid entry level DSLR. We’re looking forward to getting it in our hands by the end of this week.

Canon EOS Rebel XSi
Canon EOS Rebel XSi

Canon EOS Rebel XSi back
Canon EOS Rebel XSi back

Here’s a link to a VERY in-depth review – be sure to scroll forward to about page 25 or so, the review get’s so technical that it’ll make your head swim (at least it made my feeble brain rattle around a bit!






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