New Puppy – Rocky

Stella and Sparty
Stella and Sparty

We recently lost our longtime companion and friend, Spartacus. Sparty was a Black Lab that we had to put to sleep after 12 years of pure joy. He was a companion for our kids and after they left home he was a friend and companion for us.

*Click on the itty bitty pictures to see big ‘uns.

After losing him we said, of course, “no more dogs”. Friends of ours, Lorie and Rusty, heard about us losing our dog and since they had a new litter of 10(!) Boxer pups they graciously offered us one. So much for the “no more dogs”!

After visiting the puppies at 4 weeks old, we picked (actually he picked us) our little Boxer pup. My dad said that if it’s a boxer, it needed to be named after a boxer so we named him Rocky (Marciano).

Stella and Rocky at 4 weeks
Stella and Rocky at 4 weeks

We brought him home at 6 weeks and it’s really been fun and a challenge. Fun to have a puppie romping all over the house and a challenge to get him to sleep at night without missing his brothers and sisters.

Rocky's checking out our front yard for the first time
Rocky's checking out our front yard for the first time

More pictures of Rocky here.


A video tribute to Sparty








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    love the site steve (the bug toothed smile is the best!) enjoy the new puppy!

    Jon Talley

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