2001Cog National Rally

Odyssey in Klamath Falls
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George get's a 300
point kiss

Joe and Dave at the mouth
of the rogue river

Connies at the AF base

Gee where's the clock

Steve, Woodie, Chad
and F15

Stella, Steve, Chad, Woodie
and the group

New AAD, Steve Long
nice legs

Hey! That's not a

F15 nose

Steve's about to be
sucked in

Tom O'niell at Crater Lake

Stella at Crater Lake

Tom and Rocky at Crater Lake

Reserved parking
for blue bikes only

Ready for the show

Ready for the show

Ready for the Parade

Ready for the Parade

Curves in the parade route

More parade

Downtown parade
Local hero, Tom Drew

More parade

ST1100 as a clothesline

Boomer with first place trophy

Dinner at Red's BBQ

Boomer and the gang
at Red's BBQ

Is Steve Viertell Lost?

Woodie, Stella, Steve at

Carl, Steve, Chad, Lynn, Wolfie
and Steve's Mom, Sharon

First place trophy

Steve Long gets a new seat

Mt Shasta and Smurfie

Mt Shasta and Smurfie