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Highway 32

From Chico to Jct 89/36
Click on the itty bitty pictures to see big ones.

Looking up the hill from Chico

Still looking up the hill

Looking back at the Valley

Pretty Connie

Looking back at the Valley

Some high speed turns

Chico Creek Canyon

Forest Ranch El. 2300 ft

Forest Ranch

Brr! It's cold at Lomo

Still at Lomo

Butte Meadows turnoff

Butte Meadows turnoff again

The Bambi Inn, Butte Meadows no Harleys today!

More Bambi Inn

Curves ahead

Yup, curves ahead

At a turnout in Chico Creek Canyon

Same turnout

Another turnout

Chico Creek runs next to the highway

Mandatory water stop at Potato Patch Campground

I like this spot

Purty Connie at the water stop

Another one

I'm standing in the campground


One more

Along Deer Creek Highway (Highway 32)

Oops, now it's getting cold

I godda go and the sign says "closed for the winter"

Deer Creek Meadows

More Deer Creek

Currier and Ives?

Still at the meadows

Sign's almost buried.

Bad picture of a beautiful log cabin.

At the junction

More Deer Creek

Still more Deer Creek

Even still more Deer Creek

Looking into Deer Creek Canyon

Pretty Mountains

There's that pesky Connie again!

And again.

The store at Forest Ranch has good deli sandwiches.

Heading back to the valey.

Chico Creek Canyon